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Fredy Montero Leaves Sounders To Make A Name For Himself Back In Colombia

January 9, 2013

With the Fredy Montero loan saga coming to a close, many things are still left to wonder about. 

Why would the Sounders loan out one of their best players for an entire year?

Who is the next Designated Player that will come to Seattle? (We really need another one)

Why loan out Montero when their is a possibility that the club could lose their best player from three of the four positions on the field. ?(Parke was our best defender, Alonso could leave as our best midfielder, and Montero is leaving as our best striker.)

Just remember, in Adrian we trust.

Down to business.

There is a bright side to all of this. The Sounders will hopefully be getting a new DP. As of right now it looks like the DP could stay with the club for some time because we don’t know if Montero will come back after his loan deal is up. Since I don’t think the chances are that good, I am just going to assume he isn’t coming back. Now, back to our DP discussion. It seems like the high quality MLS DP’s are a fairly good investment in terms of if there is life after MLS. Thierry Henry has been back to Arsenal multiple times. David Beckham is searching for a new club, with no shortage of teams that want him. Tim Cahill to Sunderland is off, but other clubs are interested. And since MLS is being looked at by other countries more and more, some other lesser known, but still quality DP players could be on the move fairly soon.

So, who do the Sounders get? A better question could be what kind of player do they get. Do they want a big name player who is on the decline but will provide experience and draw more attention to Seattle. Or go young like they did with Montero and wait until the player is ready to move on and start this cycle all over again. Since there isn’t much information out there, we don’t really know what the answer could be. If we do end up losing Osvaldo Alonso, I would really hope for another quality midfield/attacking sort of player.

The final thought is the reasoning behind the Fredy Montero year long loan. The most rational reasoning for me is that Seattle don’t expect him back, rather are just going to collect his transfer fee in 2014 and move on. It’s a shame we may never get to see him play another game in the Rave Green, but that’s just how it works sometimes. I’m not hoping for a permanent Montero departure, but we might need to come to terms with it. If Alonso stays I’ll be a lot happier, but still have a Fredy shaped hole in my heart. We haven’t seen his full potential yet, so like a parent watching their child leave for college, we have to let him go.

Update: Sounder At Heart reports loan deal for Montero to Millonarios is complete.


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