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Mario Martinez Needs To Simmer Down

October 23, 2012

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By now we all know that Mario Martinez is a very good player, but is he worth all the drama as of late? You can make your own decision regarding Mario, but most people can agree that he is a talented player. He had a fantastic game against Canada(2 goals and a couple key passes to set up assists for teammates), but doesn’t have much to show for in terms of MLS contributions.

Martinez has only played 40 minutes in the past two months and has also played in CONCACAF Champions League games for the Sounders. His minutes have been limited, I believe, because of his consistent involvement with the Honduras national team. We know Sigi will take care of this in house, but Martinez shouldn’t be going to his twitter to spew his frustration.

As a person who has never lived outside of the United States in another country where I don’t speak the language, I can only begin to imagine what life must be like in a new place. This doesn’t excuse his comments, but I think the guy probably misses home and one of the best ways to get acquainted is to be playing consistently for your club team. This can be improved upon by Sigi and the gang.

The Sounders have two games left before the playoffs in which they will face Real Salt Lake  One of the games is a CCL game. and the other is against the Los Angeles Galaxy. The CCL game against Marathon is the most likely of the games in which Martinez will start. Martinez is defiantly not happy with his involvement at all, and the playoffs aren’t the best place to experiment with new players. Since he is on loan, there might be an understanding with Real Espana on how much he were to play before being loaned to Seattle. When he was on loan to Anderlecht and Valerengra, he only played in two games for Valerengra. So, when Martinez has been loaned out he hasn’t seen much playing time anywhere.

Being frustrated happens to most professional athletes, but in Seattle it is a bigger deal than it really is. Seattle is such a great place for players to come because each new player is welcomed graciously by the fans. The Seattle fans need to rally behind Martinez, not to get him more playing time, but to support him as he has been on loan to three different teams since 2009. I really hope to see more of him in the right spots because he is definitely a great player, and could be the super sub the Sounders will need in the chase for the MLS Cup.

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  1. October 23, 2012 2:20 pm

    I love the random “tecnologic” thrown into the middle of that tweet. Don’t mind that it doesn’t make any sense, it’s not even spelled right! Silly translation thingy.

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