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Mariners give up good outfielder for mediocre starting pitcher

December 3, 2014

KFCWe all knew it was going to happen at some point. Michael Saunders was going to be traded. When the Mariners publicly voiced their displeasure with Michael Saunders for getting injured, he was probably gone. When his agent publicly blasted the Mariners, it became a foregone conclusion. First of all, it seems curious that the Mariners would essentially be mad at Saunders for hurting himself crashing into a wall, straining an oblique, and getting a viral infection that made him lose 12 pounds. Clearly, they concluded, this means he didn’t prepare well enough for baseball playing.

It was that lack of preparedness that  had the Mariners intent on trading Saunders this offseason. Most of us held out hope that the fact that he is as good as he is when healthy would lead to a decent return. After all, Saunders tied Kyle Seager for second on the team with a 126 wRC+. Saunders was arguably the team’s second-best hitter in 2014. And now he’s been traded for J.A. Happ. Read more…

Stop undervaluing Brad Miller, Mariners fans

December 3, 2014

KFCYou know, I just don’t get it. I don’t understand why so many Mariners fans believe Brad Miller is a terrible baseball player. When I take to Twitter to try to spread the good word that Miller is an average-or-better player, the most common response is that Miller is “garbage”, and the Mariners should be willing to include him in a trade package for whatever the hell the other team is offering.

I’m not going to try to present a case that Miller is a superstar, or even a great player. My point is simply that he’s much better currently than many Mariners fans believe. I realize, the advanced stats I’m about to use are not perfect. But then again, our eyes aren’t perfect at telling us how good a player is, either. It takes a blend of both. Because the argument that Miller is not good generally comes from those who believe their eyes first and fully, I thought maybe a few advanced stats may at least lead that crowd to question their conclusion.

Miller is by no means untradeable in my eyes, but I’d have to know I’m getting fairly certain and immediate MLB production to let him go. And I promise, it’s not just because I really, really want a “B. Miller” to be a successful baseball player on the Mariners. I mean, that’s part of it, but not all of it. Read more…

Nelson Cruz: Hitter of dingers, at least for now

December 3, 2014

KFCIt’s a move many of us in the stat community dreaded last offseason, and one year later, it’s finally happened: the Mariners have signed OF/DH Nelson Cruz to a four-year, $57 million deal. Perhaps the worst-kept secret of the offseason was the Mariners’ desire for right-handed power in the middle of their lineup, so from day one, Cruz was an obvious fit, because he bats right-handed and hits dingers. The Mariners love them some dingers, even if they haven’t had many players that hit a lot of them lately. Read more…

An incomplete list of Seahawks things to be thankful for

November 26, 2014

Most of the time, I write about baseball for this blog. Sometimes, I write about football, even though I haven’t done so in close to, or over, a year. It’s time to fix that, and what better time to talk about the team that has given all of us in the Seattle the most happiness than Thanksgiving?

Read more…

Reacting to some things that have happened lately in professional baseball

November 19, 2014

KFCIt’s the baseball offseason, and that means that baseball players that are not employed are signing contracts with new employers, and in some cases, baseball players that are employed are being traded for other baseball players on other baseball teams. Baseball things happening in the baseball offseason. Imagine that. Baseball. But you know that things have been happening, what you really need to know is how to feel about it. Don’t worry. I’m here for you. And if you disagree…well, please comment and we can debate like rational adults over our differences in opinion! On to my opinions. Read more…

Brett’s offseason how-to guide to attend the World Series in Seattle

November 6, 2014

KFCWe’ve reached the time of year where the Major League Baseball season concludes, which is of course celebrated with the San Francisco Giants raising the Bud Selig Is The Greatest Bro I Know trophy that I presume is what World Series winners get, as is now tradition in baseball. Now, we get to dream of a league that might not conclude with the Giants winning it all, even though that seems strange and foreign to the tens of hundreds of people that watch the World Series from year-to-year.

So, although it seems downright silly to think of another team winning the greatest prize in all of the baseball land, I’ve taken it upon myself to lay out a path that would allow the Seattle Mariners, who have never even competed in the deciding series of their sport, to dethrone the dastardly dynasty in the Bay Area. How will they do it? It’s quite simple, really.

Read more…

Baseball Has An Enthusiasm Problem

September 14, 2014

KFC Header

Perhaps if he gave them $240 million they'd get excited?

Robinson Cano’s lack of excitement over last night’s game tying home run is an appropriate symbol for last night’s lacking Night Court enthusiasm from the Mariners fans despite a sellout crowd for a game with playoff implications.

Baseball’s problem isn’t sagging ratings, or diminished offense, or performance enhancing drugs, or excessive salaries, or lack of respect for sabermetrics, or new supposedly sissy rules like instant replay or plate collision bans or quick hooks for pitchers who throw at batters.

Baseball’s problem is that you go to a game and, more than ever before in history, the fan experience is boring as all mother fuck.

Baseball has always been a quiet game with occasional moments of excitement and terror, like tournament poker with bats and baseballs. But you need only go back to the early 90‘s to see footage of playoff games with a crowd on the edge of their seats and cheering for every pitch from the get go.

Last night, the Mariners threw down a blackout Night Court promotion for Felix Hernandez’s start against their fellow playoff contending rivals the Oakland A’s. The Mariners managed to sell out the stadium for the first time since this year’s home opener and we had high anticipation for a jacked up and electric crowd.

Instead we got an occasionally excited but Safeco-typical anemic crowd, many of which didn’t even bother donning the 35,000 black Night Court shirts given out at the gates. Read more…


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